The HYArts district nurtures and celebrates the creativity and talent of established and emerging Cape Cod artists.

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HyArts Shanty Program 2018 ARTIST INFO

The artist shanty program is an incubator program for Cape Cod artists to work and sell in an affordable and unique studio and gallery space. Both the Bismore Park and Harbor Overlook locations provide prime visibility and opportunities to gain and improve business, marketing, and selling skills and generate revenue from handmade and hand-crafted artwork.

Please view the program information


Important NOTES and DATES for 2018 Season:


LINK to pictures of ALL the shanties and basic measurements noted on the photos.
Thank you Marie Grady Palcic for time to do ALL of this-and Janet G-thanks for the reminder to have this available for artist use.


Hours for May and June have changed:  
Weekends and weeks in May, June will be 11:00AM--to at least 6:00pm  (not 8:00pm as originally noted).

As always, artists are welcome to open earlier or stay later.

*PLEASE Note this check was requested to be sent in with your contracts!  For those that did not, it would be most ideal if you mail in ahead of time. If not, you need to bring with you when you come to get your keys.


One, $50 check, payable to Town of Barnstable, for your nail/key/pass deposit
• this check will be voided the following week as long as your shanty is nail free, you haven’t lost keys and you returned your parking passes
• if you are at the shanties more than one time-we will hold the check so you don’t have to keep re-writing one
• Staff will check in each Monday morning at the shanties—if sheds are not nail free from your stay, artist will be notified prior to check being cashed. 
• If you lose your keys, artist will be notified prior to cashing the check.  

• If you are requesting a second parking pass if there is more than one artist in the shanty:  let A&C know in advance AND please write a separate check for $35.00 payable to Town of Barnstable.
            DO NOT put this in with your nail deposit. It is its own check and will be cashed.  It is a rental for the pass with a weekly fee of $35.00.



Please remember to not clutter up the doorways.
You cannot block the entrance.
Keep it tasteful and appropriate for the shanty setting and one side only for display the other side can be used for artist working area.

If you have any questions at all please give me a call!

Again my numbers are as follows:
Cell:  508-776-3383
Office line (direct):  508-862-4767

Main Planning & Development Office (if you cannot get a hold of me--call and Office Staff  can help you or help find me: 508-862-4678



Instructions on how to use the key pad will be provided to you at parking pass pick up.
Codes are provided at that time.


Use of nails INSIDE the shanty can not be any more than 3/4" size.  The exteriors are clapboard and anything longer will go right through.
one section inside is peg board: peg clips can be used.  Please do not use nails or screws in the peg board
curtains:  you may wish to bring panels but the sheds have tension rods and curtain in window and also over the front doors with curtains.  If you want to change up the curtains just let the A&C Coordinator know --just replace what is there upon your departure. 

The front doors are glass panel.  DO NOT NAIL ANYTHING into these doors. 
Suction cups, or magnets or double sided tape or other clever, non-damaging ways to hang items on the doors if you desire.  If there is damage to the doors, the deposit check WILL BE cashed.


NOTHING may be nailed into the SIDE DOOR OR ANY SIDES of the shanty. A  'wreath hook' works, as a suggestion to hang over the top of the door. 

Artists may bring additional racks or display items----to be discussed with and approved by the A&C Coordinator in advance of setting up your display.
We will allow extra items but want to be careful to have the area remain clean and inviting and not like a yard sale or flea market.


1.  During normal business hours, Town Hall will be open. You can enter through basement door:

  • Mens room is on basement level.  Ladies room is up the flight of stairs on first floor.  
  • You can also walk up the path and go in the front door to Town Hall, if so Ladies room will be to your left and again, for mens, down the flight of stairs to basement level.

2.  During and after Town Hall hours, the Town Comfort Stations (public bathrooms) are located in the Town Hall Parking lot.
     Bathrooms are open daily, through 8:00pm.  The DPW staff and BPD do status checks every hour.

3.  Mike Lyons, owner of Ben and Jerry's up on Main Street has no problem with artists using store bathrooms.

  • You do not have to ask. Just go to back of store where they are located.  
  • They sell ice cream of course, but also waters and sodas.
  •  If you walk up Ocean Street to Main Street, Ben and Jerry's will be on your right.   If you walk from there you will hit the top of the Village Green and can walk down the path back to the Overlook.  
  • Or you can come back down Ocean.  
  • This is the same distance as getting to the public bathrooms.

4.  Fred, owner of Ocean Street Deli, 10 Ocean Street has no problem with artists using restaurant bathrooms.And great food besides!

  • Super easy to get to right up Ocean Street
  • You do not need to check in with everyone, bathrooms are in the back
  • Should anyone ask you tell them you are an artist and that Melissa spoke to Fred about using the facilities



Artists will receive  email with shanty placement by Wednesday, April 25th.
___NOTE:  older versions of layout show Marstons Mills and West Barnstable in old locations:

For 2018 and beyond:  
Marstons Mills shed is across from Barnstable light blue near the Spanky's side of boardwalk, and West Barnstable dark blue across from Hyannis yellow, near the Harbor Master building.


___Thursday and  Friday April 26, 27, 8:30AM-5:00pm  BOTH LOCATIONS
      If you need to make other arrangements call or email A&C Coordinator to schedule

___When you visit the shantys on these days
      MAKE SURE you have a piece of paper on the dash
      that clearly states:  Shanty artist -measure day.  In addition put the ARRIVAL TIME as well



___February 1:  Contract fee, Security deposit, Signed contract, Proof of Insurance*

      *Proof of insurance deadline extended to April 1, 2018 

___March 1:    Contract fee balance due

Artist Bio and Photos for Website

___ASAP --originally no later than April 1


Quick Links:

1.   2017 -four artists-suggestions : set up/breakdown; downtime; social media marketing; general thoughts

2.   "In a word"  and additional suggestions:

3.  marketing your art

4.  walking 'tour' from Main Street to Harbor-sense of place

5.    Watch Videos of Shanty Artists

6.    Arts Barnstable Facebook

7.    Arts Barnstable Instagram


Artist Resources

Maps and Directions

Emma Charpentier

HyArts Shanty Artists 2018

Below is a list of artists participating in the 2018 HyArts Artist Shanties. View their bio below to see when you can find them at the shanties and for contact information.  

Melissa Crim

Linda Keough

Lori Dawn

Elena Tobin

Betty Wiley

Kristen Sullivan

Linda Saunders

Donna Rockwell

Jeanmarie O’Clair

Deborah McCarty

Mary McSweeney

Kathryn Knight


Laverne Christopher

Rick Branscomb

Martine Bindler-Dosbiens

Laura Bergeron

Barnstable Senior Art Show Opening Reception -  Art Sea

Sylvia Quiroga

Katie O’Sullivan

Liam Kelly

Gillian Hurrie

John Whitmarsh

Anne Tochka

Amanda and Jessica McHugh

Kathleen Quinn Kortis

Aimee Frigault

Anchor & Helm

Ann DesRoches

Bett McCarthy

Jay Pacunas

Elisa Sullivan

Marcia Simpson


Rachel Avenia

Carolyn Ferrell

Tony Donovan

Practicing Silence Meditation with Bettina


Free Friday night improv

Gentle Yoga with Arden

The Key Idea-A community art project

The New Classics Company summer theater programs 2015 at the Guyer Barn

“CHIPS House” Art Show…Centerville

Kate DeCiccio _community art project in Hyannis HyArts Cultural District

Free Saturday Concerts at Hyannis Village Green

Free Saturday Concerts at Hyannis Village Green

AB Events

There is always plenty of free entertainment/talks/programs at all of our village libraries all year long.
Check out the offerings on-line on the Barnstable libraries calendar of events and also at

ART visits NATURE at the Halfway House, Sandy Neck Beach!  2015 dates have been set:  March 13th, May 1st, September 18th and October 16th, 2015.

For application and more information email:

See Events at

Mitali Chakraborty

Cape Cod Art Association presents Art in the Village-Barnstable

The Barnstable Restaurant and Tavern Summer Music on the Patio

Old Selectmen’s Building Gallery Exhibits 2015

Tuesdays at Twilight with “Hot Soup”

Tuesdays at Twilight with MJ and the In Crowd featuring Marcia Wytrawl

Love Listen Local Singer Songwriter Series at the Artist Shanties-“Catie Flynn”

Love Listen Local Singer Songwriter Series at the Artist Shanties-“Katy Boc and Todd Nickerson”

Love Listen Local Singer Songwriter Series at the Artist Shanties-“Molly Parmenter”

Love Listen Local Singer Songwriter Series at the Artist Shanties-“Alicia Mathewson”

Love Listen Local Singer Songwriter Series at the Artist Shanties-“Catherine King”

Love Listen Local Singer Songwriter Series at the Artist Shanties-“Diana Di Gioia”

Love. Listen. Local, Singer-Songwriter music series-Jen Stratton and Gerry Mac

Love Listen Local:Singer Songwriter Spotlight - Jordan Renzi

African Dance with Tara Murphy-Hyannis Village Green

New Classics Company presents The Wizard of Oz Movies on the Green

13th annual Fun-Filled Clamming Classes for Kids

3rd Annual Diamondback Terrapin Release Day

The Schooner “Shenandoah” Hyannis Visit

African Drumming Class in Hyannis

Allen McGarry and Friends-Friday Nights

Harriet Zabusky-Zand

Kim Rumberger



Maps of Hyarts District


View HyArts District in a larger map