The HYArts district nurtures and celebrates the creativity and talent of established and emerging Cape Cod artists.

Guyer Barn Artists

Stop by the Artists’ shop, just in time for holiday shopping! Find a variety of intriguing, handcrafted art pieces and crafts for purchase. Featured artists include Chris Letche, rope work;  Beth Higgins, photography; Marley Okalani, fiber arts; Nancy Lyons, scrimshaw; Leigh Campion, oil; Kyle Kochiss, stone jewelry; Christine Esperson, ceramics; Tessa D’Agostino, reclaimed assemblages and jewelry.

Chris Letsche, New Mariner Knot Works:  Chris has been fascinated by marlinespike art for over twenty years.  Marlinspike art is the creation and embellishment of items with rope and twine, brought to its height during the age of sail.  Chris combines traditional techniques with modern materials and color to create useful, decorative and unique items.  Marlinspike art is multicultural just like the tall ship sailors who came from different nations, each one brought their culture to the art form.  

Beth Higgins, Fine Art Photographer:  Beth is a photographer who says the natural beauty of the earth gives her a sense of peace, especially that of Cape Cod.  SHe hopes her photography will evoke fond memories of times and places visitors and residents have enjoyed on Cape Cod.

December 1st-15th:
The Faces of Love. A tribute to Newtown. Portraits by Marie Rizzo

The Guyer Barn  will be hosting a special two-week tribute exhibition December 1st - 15th, of Marie Rizzo’s portraits of the 26 people who lost their lives a year ago in the Newton, CT. shooting tragedy. She found comfort in coping with the enormity of the loss by drawing each face of the lives lost, focusing on their smiles to capture their joy and innocence. Marie says of this project, “there were moments when the magnitude of how many lives were lost almost kept me from continuing. It was when all the drawings were done that I realized that I could smile back at these beautiful faces and that when I think of Newtown, I see the lives that were lived and the happiness they brought to this world. I hope that the people who see my portraits will see the same joy that I see.” 

December 1-31st: 
Amy Carroll, mixed media.

Amy’s  work has its roots in nature and continues to evolve through an organic process. The joy of discovery and the element of surprise keep her work inspired.

Donna Davis, print-maker.
Donna combines past imagery with modern practice to create vignettes of mood and thought.  She will be at the Barn Fridays and Saturdays noon-4pm, but will most likely will see her working on other days too!